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Hair of the Dawg

Last night we had a Happy Hour for a co-worker who is leaving us.  He is moving to Tokyo, where his wife is from, to take care of his Mother-In-Law.  The HH was a success and many showed up.

This morning everyone is in since it’s his last day and we are all flocking around each other cubes discussing the previous evening events.

But before we get to that Mouse tells she woke up at 5am to find her husband in the bathroom dialing on the house phone.  She can’t figure out who he would be calling at 5am and I immediately think she’s going to tell us he was sleep-walking.

She knocks on the door and asks him if he is ok and he responds very grumbly.  She walks in and sees that he is looking very tired yet concerned.  He tells her he is dialing his cell phone because he believes he flushed it down the toilet.  That when they heard the muffled ringing of his cell phone, which seems to be stuck in the pipe.  Just then the alarm on his phone goes off and they can hear it resonating through the pipes and Mouse become concerned the alarm will wake the neighbors downstairs.

Mouse goes and gets the plunger and attempts to suck the phone back out.  All the while she is laughing hysterically.  Her hubby is getting frustrated and tells her to stop because the plunging will push the phone deeper.  I don’t think her laughing was helping the situation but she couldn’t help it.

Mouse left the plunging and called “Equipment Replacement” about the situation and to get her hubby a new phone.  They told her to make sure to turn the phone off because it could spark.  She said, “I can’t turn the phone off because it is stuck in the toilet!

So as Mouse finishes this hilarious story more co-workers flocked to my cube.  We were talking about the previous evening events.  We got to meet Salmon’s girlfriend at the HH but she wasn’t feeling well.  I said, “She just needed a little bit-o-the hair of the dawg“.

That’s when Mrs. Instigator said, “What? Oh no!  She was bit by a dog?!?!?!  Is she ok?”

I could hear my boss laughing from the other cube and I lost it.  Tears were rolling down my face and I turned several shades of red. I couldn’t even catch my breath to explain that hair of the dog refers to having more alcohol to relieve the hangover from the previous night’s alcohol consumption.

This is starting out to be a fantastic day.


One comment on “Hair of the Dawg

  1. That’s hilarious! Can you imagine what the neighbors would think hearing “What you gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?” coming from the walls and ceiling?

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