Can you hear that?

It was brought to my attention that studies have been done on hearing and the different age ranges.  They say that the older you get there are frequencies that you can’t hear.

These studies have come to light with the Mosquito Ringtone.  The premise is the kids can use these ringtones so they can hear their phones ring in class but the teacher won’t hear it.

We had a bunch of us gathered at my cubicle today testing this theory throughout our team.  Considering I was the oldest it was kinda sad I couldn’t hear many of them but then again I got to torture a few of the young’uns.  I may not have been able to hear all of them but I definitely felt the after effects in my ears. 

Wow!  If I could feel that but not hear it then imagine what else I might not hear but still feel the after effects.  Could this be that whole subliminal messages thing?

It was really kinda of odd when others went back to their desks and would play the different frequencies.  I couldn’t hear it but the young’uns were suffering and asking everyone to stop.  The sound is so high pitched that each time got worse.  Kinda like torture.

So then maybe these high pitched sounds aren’t such a good idea.  One article may have hit the nail on the head when they said “I feel sorry for those babies who are getting distressed by the noise, and may even suffering long-term damage to their hearing, when their parents are eating in an establishments with a Mosquito.”  Could this ultimately be a weapon used on children?

The links I have here include the sounds.  I found it all very fascinating but I would highly recommend against using these as ringtones.


4 comments on “Can you hear that?

  1. Freaked me out…I couldn’t hear a lot of the tones and I always thought my hearing was really good.

  2. Wow!

    Also a note in the FAQ on the site:
    (Caution: Do not put your ears directly or very close to the speakers when the tone is playing at a high volume. You will risk damaging your hearing. Even though you can’t hear the tones, the sound is there if you are playing it and has the potential of damaging your ear.)

    Makes me feel REAL safe.

  3. The UK is already using mosquito devices to disperse young people loitering in stores.

  4. Well, on the positive side, I could hear frequencies meant for much younger people.

    On the negative, my two kids really couldn’t hear much more than I could. Sounds annoying more than anything else.

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