Alcohol was invented to keep the Irish from ruling the world

But then the Irish started singing in their drunken stupors.  This is how we got a plethora of traditional folk songs a/k/a drinking songs.  It didn’t stop there and they hopped up off their bar stools and started dancing around and calling it the jig.

So many got injured while doing the jig that laws were passed against getting jiggy with it after downing a few pints.  Some chose never to dance again whereas some chose to give up the Guinness.  Those who decided to dance took it to new levels.  This, my friends, is how we got Riverdance.

The music also evolved.  I just can’t get enough of the Irish rock, as I call it. My first introduction to this type of music was Ashley MacIsaac and his album “Hi, How Are you today?”  Who wouldn’t dig a dude in a kilt and combat boots?

As the years went on I found:

  • The Jeff Greer Band, who have since disbanded.
  • Glengarry Bhoys, seems things are on hold for them too but take a listen.
  • Scythian – Going strong
  • Carbon Leaf – If you haven’t heard of The Boxer then you are missing out.shamrockfest.gif
  • If you want to check out some of this music, LIVE, then you could always catch Scythian and Carbon Leaf, along with many many more, at the Shamrockfest

    When is the Shamrockfest?


    I will definitely be there to check it all out and maybe find some new music but I will definitely enjoy watching all the honorary Irish gettin smashed.  If I’m lucky then I should be able to capture some great pics.  Who knows I might get a pic of one of you!

    2 comments on “Alcohol was invented to keep the Irish from ruling the world

    1. When I think of Carbon Leaf, The Boxer comes to mind…
      Such a great song!

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