In heaven there is no beer… That’s why we drink ours here.

Do you know what time it is?

It’s time to get your horny green on!

February is ending this week and you know what happens in March?  St. Patty’s Day!

So you may be asking yourself what is so great about St. Patty’s Day?

  1. I look really good in green
  2. Tis the holiday for a pint and even better if it’s colored green
  3. Bagpipes everywhere (gawd I love em)
  4. It’s all about the Irish and boy do I look Irish
  5. Oh and one of the best parts is…


 You haven’t heard of Shamrockfest?  It’s only the biggest St.Patty’s Festival in the history of the DC Metro area.  It used to be held in Ballston but it just got too big and they had to move it to RFK.  The Festival has all sorts of goings on but the best part is the music and the beer.  There 50 musical acts on over 10 stagesHere’s a quick view of the lineup:

Bands: Scythian, Street Dogs, The Tossers, Carbon Leaf, Great Big Sea, Charm City Saints, Pubcrawlers, Icewagon Flu, Ceann, DC101 Super Bands, Mr. Greengenes, Scott’s New Band, JunkFood, Overdrive Superthruster, Dr. FU, Love Seed Mama Jump, Rude Buddha, Burnt Sienna, Liquid A, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Army of Me, Cutthroat Shamrock, Shane Gamble & The Gentlemen, Everyone But Pete, O’Danny Girls, ThatGuy, Below Sixth, Crowded Streets, Rome in a Day, Flying Cows of Ventry, Brad Pugh & Friends, The Speaks

DJs: PERFECTO featuring PAUL OAKENFOLD, Tommy Lee and DJ Aero  (YES, it’s THE Tommy Lee. . .), EXACTA, Liquid Todd, Pat Premier, Dave Russell, Grooves, Rene, Maskell, Lil Fos, Kwest, Yummy

Are you gonna be there?  Keep an eye out for the redhead. 


2 comments on “In heaven there is no beer… That’s why we drink ours here.

  1. Remember Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds?

    Here’s a tip. Don’t drink one of those and get sick.

    I bet you do look good in Green…

    No green milkshaes for this chick only green beer – Red

  2. Oakenfold is the man. What’s the over/under on metro car vomitings?

    Gotta love Oakenfold! Not sure on the vomiting since I didn’t experience any of that last year. Personally, I like gettin a nice buzz and watching the kiddies get drunk and act da fools – Red

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