Mini Red is so sad

I made sure she was sitting down when I told her Heath Ledger died and was only 28.

She didn’t want to talk about it but then again everything is overly dramatic these days.  That is easily explained because Mini Red will be 13 next week.  Soon this blog will be called Life of White since that will be the color of my hair soon enough.

Anyhow, I told Mini Red she can’t avoid this death of Heath Ledger thing.  I’m not going to have her hide from this and especially since it is most likely a suicide.

I pointed out how selfish it was of him.  He works hard to be a success and work his way into our hearts.  Then he goes and takes it from us.  He didn’t have the right to take his life.  On top of that I can’t help but think of his poor little girl.

Mini Red is so cute.  She then says to me, “Well at least I have 10 Things I Hate About You on my iPod“.

It’s a sad thing and he will be missed.  At least the news will have something about this for the next month or so.


You know this means two more deaths since everything happens in threes.  Some say Britney Spears obituary has already been written.


6 comments on “Mini Red is so sad

  1. I wish you’d have come over and sat me down. I had to learn from Yahoo.

  2. Nobody knows yet what happened. It might not be suicide, it might be an accidental overdose of sleeping pills or something. Then again, I might just be naive.

    Regardless, I hope his family were told before the media since TMZ reported it only about an hour after he was found.

  3. I would still feel bad, if it was someone my age, but when someone that young dies, regardless of the reason, and with a little daughter; it defies understanding.

  4. If it was suicide, you should focus on the selfish nature of that. It’s useful if you’re religious to study why that would be the wrong approach to one’s problems.

    I remember when Freddie Prinze (Sr) committed suicide. I used to watch his show and I was probably about eight years old. I thought he was SO funny. I remember my dad sitting in the car with me telling me about it and I asked him “why did he do that?” and my Dad didn’t have a great answer, just that he was probably “very unhappy”. I was devastated initially but I think that over time I understood that it was the cowardly approach to life’s problems.

    Be sure to focus on facts and not rumors. That’s useful for MiniRed to learn.

  5. A tragedy indeed.

    The first death occurred just a few days before Heath Ledger. Brad Renfro (The Client, Apt Pupil, The Jacket, etc.) was only 25 when he passed away in his sleep. No official word yet, but drugs are suspected. He was born and raised here in Knoxville, and his funeral service was here this week. He was buried here as well.

    So sad…

  6. I didn’t even know the guy by name, but he died on my birthday. Well, it’s coincidental, but I don’t celebrate birthdays, so I can’t feel guilty.

    I’ve been on/off suicidal for last 12 years (ever since age 10), and I can say (as far as I read) that the guy didn’t commit suicide. If he did, he had some seroius skeletons in his closet.

    Suicide usually isn’t selfish, or it is in theory but person who commits suicide; sees no way out, no future no nothing. It’s a state of mind that really keeps feeding itself all the way to the end, usually it takes only a minor incident for the person to “go”. Someone would have noticed something, or it was infact: a totally selfish act.

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