How do I choose?

Between Desperate Housewives and American Gladiators.

Desperate Housewives vs American Gladiators

Ummmmm not a tough decision.

American Gladiators!

Home sick all weekend and completely bored by the boob tube until American Gladiators.  Well, I did enjoy Biloxi Blues yesterday. 

6 comments on “How do I choose?

  1. Gladiators REAAAAADDDYYYY!!!!

    Loved it.

  2. Reading. It’s fundamental! Cheers & Feel better & Happy New Year! ‘VJ’

  3. I didn’t watch but a part of me wanted to. I don’t watch TV regularly but hey, it was the 80s and if you weren’t wearing a goofy helmet and getting pummeled by a bodybuilder in spandex…it wasn’t “must see TV”.

  4. I did watch it. I found that marine corps mom, quite hot! She got a cut over eye, but kept on going. Alas, she didn’t win. Which means everyone I pulled for this weekend lost, Redskins, Steelers…et all.

  5. The new version of American Gladiators is growing on me…
    The gauntlet at the end is so tough!
    I must add that gladiator Crush is incredibly sexy.

  6. was i trying to tell you something? that info is available on first hand observational basis only. i cant tell you how excited I am that YOU are excited!
    and biloxi blues is awesome! ‘this is africa hot. tarzan couldnt stand this kind of hot.’

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