You know it’s going to be a tough day when…

You go to clean your glasses and realize the smudge isn’t your glasses but your tired eyeballs.

Crazy week update:

Came down with a cold Sunday night but I seem to be winning the battle.

Orientation all day Monday in a FREEZING cold room and amusing young interns.  Yes, Brian, I’m talking about you.

A little overwhelmed by The New Company and how small I feel in the scheme of things.  The New Company will hence forth be called The Borg since they assimilate everything and everyone.  I am enjoying the feeling that I have something very substantial to bring to The Borg and they seem excited to extract my knowledge.

 Yes, I am a geek.

My last class is tonight and I turn in my final project, which has taken a toll on me.  I only have a few more tweaks to do in class before I turn it in.  Thanks be to Be-Jesus and now I need a beer.


2 comments on “You know it’s going to be a tough day when…

  1. Ouch! If you can, go splash your face with water or put some eye drops in– maybe there isn’t enough moisture in your office?

  2. I’m going to picture you as 7 of 9 in The Borg collective…oh, yea! (I’m a nerd, too.)

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