The final day has come

I can’t believe this day has come.  This is my last day with The Company.

I’ve been here for over eight years and I feel as if I’m leaving home.  I have not had to make or buy lunch all week and you’d think that would be great but the looming circumstances for these people are hanging over their heads.  Red is leaving them.

The New Dude is taking over my duties and we have all been joking that he needs a red wig and balloons to stuff in his shirt.  The clients are disappointed and had some very kind words for me.  I told one of my clients about the blog and here is what he had to say:

Just checked out your blog…

If I could write a post it would go something like this. ..

” Well “Latin Girl” is leaving her job, never met or saw her but she is one funny lady, she will be missed. Asked if I could keep in touch with her after she left the job and she sent me a link to her blog. Took a quick look , the voice and humor were all her but I admit I was quite surprised that the picture she had posted was really her, this girl has it all! Sent her a compliment, all the while worried I would become food for fodder on her site, alas no response…those damn chest droolers…when will they learn that sometimes a compliment is just a compliment!”

Couldn’t resist!  🙂

I promptly replied that I would be posting it so he was forewarned.

I have faith in the new job I am going to but the people here is what keeps The Company going.  I will miss them terribly.  After work many of us are getting together for my going away happy hour and I am pleasantly surprised by the people I hear that are coming including some clients and old friends I’ve met through this job.  I’m hoping Mosh will take some pics so I can post them for you.

My final project for Illustrator class is due next Thursday so posting will still be limited as I am in crunch time.  The project is coming along and I hope to be able to post that for you as well.

Sis’s boyfriend, Chase, gave Mini Red and I our Holiday gift early.  We now have decoration for the car… Soon the car will be Rudolph with a red nose and antlers.  No worries a photo is forthcoming.

Lastly, Chase is still whining over this pseudo name I have given him.  In a conversation over IM this morning he expressed this and suggested a new name.  I believe he was joking about this name but I’m not.  Chase will hence forth be known as “Viper“.  Please make a mental note of it.


2 comments on “The final day has come

  1. Viper is such a cool name…
    Good work Chase!

  2. “RED is leaving them.” That’s a harsh statement. Who wouldn’t be depressed? I’ve only met you electronically, not in the flesh, and the idea of no RED is devastating. I bet they lose clients.

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