So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night

Wow this has all happened so fast.

I have been with The Company for almost 9 years and last week I gave my notice.  I still can’t believe this is all happening.

The knowledge I have of the software I work with has become in high demand.  This is why my resume has been requested more and more lately.  In my opinion my resume is nothing fancy and just states the facts.  I didn’t even send it out when The Company was having trouble and people were being let go.  Well, my resume was requested again and I thought, “Why not.  I’m happy where I am but let’s see what happens”.  I was then quickly contacted for an interview but things fell quiet over Thanksgiving.  “No biggie”, I thought since I am happy where I am. 

They contacted me soon after Thanksgiving and I went for and interview.  I wasn’t real nervous and didn’t expect much since I am happy where I am.  I went because I just wanted to see and I hadn’t been on an interview in about 7 years. 

The interview was amazing and these people were awesome not-to-mention the benefits are off the hook.  The day after the interview I heard nothing but again “no biggie” because yes I was happy where I was.  I wouldn’t expect to hear anything the next day anyhow.  Isn’t it like a first date where you never hear from the dude the next day because he might seem too eager?

But I heard on the second day and word was they were very excited about me and an offer came my way by the third day.  I started shaking and called my Dad.  He said, “Is it a no brainer or do you have to think about it?”

I said, “It’s a no brainer but I’m feel like I did when I left my ex-husband, it was a no brainer but still tough.”

I was nauseous at the thought of telling my boss.  She is an awesome lady and working for her has been the best time in my tenure with The Company.  I treaded softly as I went in her office, I closed the door and just told her.  She stared at me blankly and said, “I hate you! I’m gonna kill you and don’t think you’re getting a party.”

She was joking of course and I knew she wouldn’t be happy about me leaving.

Every time someone leaves it has been difficult and I would get this pang of pain in my chest.  Not to toot my own horn, but I know others will feel this pain as I leave.  I have been a staple there for so long and from what I hear it’s noticed when I’m on a client site an out of the office.  No matter what I try to always have a kind word for everyone, a funny story or even a funny impersonation of a co-worker.

If you are a co-worker and reading this now you know I have, most likely, done an impersonation of YOU!  All of you!  I’m not mean about it but everyone has a little thing they do.  My coworkers even pointed out my slight lisp.

I can’t express this turmoil I’m feeling within.  On the one hand I started a new career with The Company while I was going through my divorce and my life completely changed.  I have only had three jobs since 1989 and this one is by far my longest tenure.  On the other hand I feel I have now grown in my career and my single adulthood and now I move on to something much much bigger.

I will miss this job, The Company, the clients, Old Town Alexandria and most importantly my co-workers but it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly the coop.

Wish me luck and say a prayer for me (if that’s your thing).

Oh and here’s a conversation that went down between a co-worker at The Company and a co-worker at The New Company:

The Company: You are a thief!

The New Company: Thief? Why?

The Company: you know why you are a thief 😉  You stole my woman.

The New Company: Haha LOL. Sorry, your woman wanted me I only offered.

The Company: lol.  No you enticed her you showed her grandeur, money and awesome benefits.


14 comments on “So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night

  1. You deserve this girl! Remember the great memories of being all together and one big happy family before The Company started to fracture. You are right, when you weren’t in the office your absence was quite noticeable. You will do so well at The New Company. I’ve told you this before, but I am so happy for you! Love you! (When did this turn into a yearbook entry??) 😉

    Love you too! I think I’m getting The Company yearbook by the end of the week. Oh My Gawd you will so have to sign mine. – Red

  2. Congratulations!!!

    Thanks! – Red

  3. :-p

    Here’s to a (hopefully) shorter commute!

    It’s a little shorter drive but should be easier than the stop-and-go traffic of DC. – Red

  4. Congratulations! I know how hard it is to leave a job you have been at forever but this sounds like the kind of opportunity you had to take. I am so excited for you. 🙂

  5. Congrats Red! Just tell ’em that you left for the better booty! (It’s so true…) Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

    Thanks Man! There will be all sorts of changes coming up for me. – Red

  6. I died a little inside when I heard. I was really hoping to convince you to bounce out to Denver with me.

    Since I most likely won’t get to see you before you go, good luck, and tell GA to give you a big hug for me.

    Awww you are so sweet. I was seriously considering Denver too! This won’t end our friendship. Miss you! – Red

  7. Congratulations! Are you leaving Alexandria, or just moving work sites?

    And, you are worth every stinkin’ penny it took to steal you away!

    New company, new location, still Virginia just not Alexandria. I’ll be in Herndon. Aren’t you only two short hours away? Come for my Happy Hour on Friday. – Red

  8. Wow, you miss a day or two and you come back to find this sort of stuff on the blog. What the hell happened to the Death Mobile?

    Congratulations Red. I know how hard this is, but, the rewards at the end will be worth it.

    Thanks for the kind words Dude! I know what you mean I’m having a hard time keeping up with everypne’s blog. – Red

  9. Wow! Red all the best at your new job.
    I am so shocked. You will do great!

    Thanks Chica! Remember no real names here so I made changes to protect my innocence. :-> – Red

  10. Congrats Red! 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll be missed at the old place and welcomed with open arms at the new one!

    You hit the nail on the head. Thanks Godfather – Red

  11. 🙂


    Thanks! – Red

  12. Con-GRATS! I will now do my Happy Hammer dance. Michael Flatley, eat your heart out…

    Thanks! I did the Happy Red dance. – Red

  13. Damn! No more lunches at Chipotle, I guess.

    Big congrats on the job, though!

    No more Chipotle but if you are out in Reston or Herndon give me a holla. – Red

  14. congrats! go knock ’em dead at your new place.

    Tanks I’ll do my bestest. – Red

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