Make your own damn opinion

The Golden CompassThere’s a new movie coming out called The Golden Compass.  It looks fascinating but then I hear it’s based on a series of books with anti-religious themes. 

Well, the cafeteria Catholic in me thinks, “No way I’m not going to support that.”  Mini Red and I briefly discussed this and scoffed at the movie vowing not to see it.

Whenever we see trailers, though, we are enthralled so I decided to look further.

I found an article the other day (I can’t remember where it is now), which tells how the author, Philip Pullman, is atheist but his stories have no such basis.  It seems The Catholic League says The Golden Compass is atheism for kids.

I believe there is a higher power and I also believe we live in a free country to allow everyone to believe differently.  I don’t believe in pushing my beliefs on others yet we can all share and maybe learn from each other, hence the blogger world. 

There are religions out there that are big on pushing their beliefs.  They have young members devote years of their life to the religion and go on missions.  Helping others is one thing but going door to door and pushing your beliefs on someone is just annoying.

Another thing that annoys me are those who mock what others believe such as Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I know I know this could turn into a mess of a post on religion and such but I’m not arguing about everyone beliefs here.  What I am talking about is taking in all of the facts and making your own decision rather than let anyone push their opinion on you not-to-mention respecting others opinions and beliefs.

This evening I was thinking about it again and I got a bit annoyed.  The movie isn’t going to make me an atheist.  If that’s the case then couldn’t this argument be made towards any other children’s fantasy book out there?  Is Harry Potter written with Jesus in mind as he learns to use the gifts that have been bestowed upon him?  That’s preposterous!

I decided to google this again and found an excerpt from the Today Show.  Along with it was a video of the interview and Pullman said, “I always mistrust people who tell us how we should understand something.”  I think that is a great statement.

Maybe this is just my excuse for seeing the movie or maybe I just came to my senses.  Either way I’m not letting anyone decide anything for me.  I will form my own opinion and if it takes two minutes, two, days or even two years then so be it.

Mini Red and I will be checking out this flick.

On another note: I keep having a hard time spelling atheist.  Isn’t the rule “I before E except after C”?  So then shouldn’t it be athiest not atheist?


13 comments on “Make your own damn opinion

  1. The Catholic League: All Angry — All The Time.

    Re: Atheist — “I before E” works just enough to not be completely useless. Me, I’m not an athiest — I’m just athier than you.

    — Joe

    See even you spelled it wrong in the end there. Maybe the atheist are doing whatever they can to be different? – Red

  2. I was raised Baptist, and I think the fuss they raise about some movies managed to sell more tickets, which is exactly what they didn’t want.

    I agree with you, I think you are better off deciding for yourself.

  3. If you are concerned at all, you really shouldn’t be with this one. It is based solely on the first book of the trilogy, Northern Lights, which is the least “offensive” of the three.

    This is why it’s great to be Jewish. Not only do we not proselytize our religion, we actually don’t want anyone else joining us!

    Maybe I should start my own religon and I can be the only member. Well… Maybe I’ll let Mini Red join. – Red

  4. See Red, I was trying to make a funny — athy, athier, athiest? If nothing else, it’s useful as a reverse mnemonic device (just like you have to spell “fluorine” or else it’s “flo urine.”

    I knew you were making a funny but remember your intellect far surpasses mine. I did like the car helmet and the foil in your hair. – Red

  5. A|the|is|mus ..by the Greeks ‘a’ for not/non and ‘theos’ for God. Wouldn’t make much sense with reversed ei.

    What helps is to open your mind a bit, even for strict religious people. Not everybody who doesn’t believe in God is atheist. See agnosticism,.. In fact, there are so many different beliefs, you could think everybody has his/her own.
    So open up a bit, it’s nothing worse than hindering your own development just because of the fear to lose something. So, as you said, try to find out yourself if it’s all worth it!

    Kind regards,

    Thanks Man! I learned something new today. That’s always a good thing. – Red

  6. Some people have to twist everything, God gave us free will and instructed us to keep seeking knowledge. To think that a movie or book would turn us away is just some pervert wanting to control people.

    You hit the nail on the head Sistah! – Red

  7. I love it how movies like Narnia and Lord of the Rings are accepted and glorified because their authors were so-called “Christians,” even though both Tolkien and C.S. Lewis (who were friends) used a lot of occult teachings and symbols in their stories, especially Freemasonic and Illuminati.
    But whenever a “real” atheist comes along and writes books, he is vilified. They did the same thing to Dan Brown, even though all the information in the movie and his books was already out, but only for those who are willing to take that extra step and Google it.

    Why aren’t they dropping this and focusing on other things, such as bashing Pastor John Hagee for saying Jesus is not the Messiah. You’d think that would be more important than a kids movie.

    Well, I guess not because one of the main roles of organized religion is to keep the masses in check.

    Seems many of us are thinking along the same lines. Thanks for stopping by. – Red

  8. Kids movie leave it to kids to enjoy and watch.There’s no point on arguing that it’s not suitable for the kids to watch.Religion basics base on the individuals.Whether Jew,Christians or even muslims, no point to let the kid to stop watching what they like.Come on..they are still a kid.Watching fairy tales sorta movie heighten their imaginations.

    We are supposed to learn to respect other people’s beliefs not degrading it.

    Very well put. Thank you. – Red

  9. Oh my gosh! I’m so glad I came across this post. You said exactly what I have been thinking. I’m tired of receiving emails telling me to boycott a movie. It borders on censorship to me, and I’m so against censorship. I’m a very religious Christian, and I believe God gave us free will and brains to make our own decisions. After a bit of research these are the conclusions I have come to about this movie: It is based on books by an atheist. The books are well-written, but are not necessarily for children. The movie is a fantasy. The author does raise questions about the need for religion. The movie headlines a cast of outstanding actors who I love to watch.

    I’ll watch the movie and then decide if it’s appropriate for my kids, and then when they are old enough to make the decision, they will do so without my intervention.

    I mostly just hate the outright “Don’t see this movie or your kids will become atheists!!” It’s just ridiculous.

    (Mind if I link this post on my blog when I do my huge rant??)

    And here I was worried this post would get me some haters arguing religion, which is the last thing I wanted. I’m glad so many are seeing what I am seeing cause I don’t think anyone wants to be told what to door think. I would love it if you linked me in your rant.

  10. Good for you Red, it is important in these troubled times that we all make the effort to discover the facts and then make up our own minds.

    The books are very well written and tell a complicated but entertaining tale.

    Will be interested to read what you (and MiniRed) think of the movie.

    Maybe there will be a new Mini Red’s Critic Corner after we see the movie. Thanks for stopping by. – Red

  11. […] who says all of this a lot better than I am right now, so if you want to read her rant, go see Red.  I don’t agree with everything Red says, but the general idea.  Isn’t that the […]

  12. It’s just a f***in’ movie.

    Yes, but they say it could make us not believe in God anymore. Do you want that to happen just because you saw a movie? (note the sarcasm) – Red

  13. I don’t get it. Why are atheists/agnostics viewed as bad people by some religious people.

    This is a good example of fanaticsm I come across in the Internet when I talk with people who come from USA. And it doesn’t have to be religious fanaticsm, in forums where there are lot of americans the fanaticism just pops up in the religion, probably because of deep religious culture in United States of America.

    In every culture there is fanaticism and has lot more to do with a person than a culture. I’ve noticed that it usually goes hand in hand with hasty conclusions and lack of thinking, seeing things as black and white (and the colours can actually flip sides). And the amount of feeling, sometimes even pure rage those people have – it’s just scary.

    I always try to see the cause and effect of my own actions, and make decisions that benefit everybody, because I truly am responsible for my own actions and the chain reactions they cause. I don’t thank God or blame the Satan. I don’t believe that there is a god, but if someone can undeniably prove “what god is”, well I probably can’t just ignore the fact.

    Lot of text about nothing… 😉

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