A Riotous good time at the Oyster Riot

OystersA Riot by definition is: To act in an unrestrained or wanton manner; to indulge in excess of luxury, feasting, or the like; to revel; to go to excess.

The long awaited Oyster Riot was last night and a good time was had by all.  Our goal was to arrive before the doors opened since we only had three hours to eat as many oysters as possible. 

I couldn’t help but feel I was lagging behind, due to my new heels, as we walked in to the metro.  When we got off at Metro Center we headed to the 13th Street exit and just before getting on the escalator it happened.  My heels got stuck in a grate…Both of them.  The others were already on the escalator and Mrs. M was laughing at me.  I had to step out of them reach down and yank them out of the grate.  Unfortunately, marks were left on the left heel.  I was sure to avoid the grates as we walked down 13th street toward the Riot.

We arrived just as they were opening the doors.  It wasn’t long before we found more of our family and friends as we were reaching to get oysters.  Mrs. M and I quickly got antsy for some wine though.  It seemed as if everyone was trying to eat as many oysters as possible and as quickly as possible.

Of course they had the Olympia Oysters which are an all time favorite.  I would grab five ore more of the Olympia at a time.  Yes there are that good.  I was disappointed with the Kusshi Oysters this year.  My first one was good but the next wasn’t so I went in for two more and still it wasn’t going so well so I called it quits on the Kusshi.  I thought it might have been me but others made similar statement expressing their disappointment in the Kusshi oysters.

Somewhat near the Olympia Oyster is where I found my favorite wine ‘Vicars Choice’ Sauvignon Blanc out of New Zealand.  This wine wasn’t getting very much attention which is one of the reasons I went over there.  All the attention was drawn to the wine next to them where there was this hot chick, with killer cleavage, pouring that wine.  She was drawing a crowd of dudes and trying to entice them to vote for her wine.

Through out the evening we circled and tried various oysters and wines and bumping into people we knew and enjoying the sights of others.  One dude was wearing a leopard print smoking jacket.  I’m sorry to say I didn’t capture a photo of that.  Mrs. M and I were captured taking a break from our heels buy John G. who took the photo below.


By 8:30 I couldn’t eat another oyster and there was still an hour to go.  The wine was going down real well and soon my feet didn’t hurt anymore.  We took our group into Old Ebbitt (the Riot was held in the lobby of the building) and continued that party there.  The place was crowded and I honestly don’t know how long we were there.  As we made our way out is when I bumped into our foot photographer, John G.  I guess this is when I mentioned the blog. 


The walk to the metro and the ride back is very blurry and I was glad I wasn’t driving.  Thank you Mrs. M for being so responsible. I vaguely even remember pulling out my keys to get into my apartment.  Evidently, I did talk to a friend of mine once I got home and had a good laugh when I heard all about it today.

I haven’t gotten schnockered like that in quite a while and this was a good one.

2 comments on “A Riotous good time at the Oyster Riot

  1. You look pretty good sauteed in wine.

    I was feeling good that evening. – Red

  2. Glad you had a good time. It sounds like big fun!

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