The Best Saturday Ever!

Slept in.

Hair cut at noon then did some shopping for tonight’s Oyster Riot.

Bought great new shoes for tonight.


Bought fun, inexpensive, jewelry at H&M.

Bought new bra / camisole at Victoria’s Secret.


In essence… Spa, shoes, jewelry and lingerie for big fun party downtown.

I feel like such a girlie girl.

3 comments on “The Best Saturday Ever!

  1. Red,

    I took the picture of you taking a break from the great new shoes last night.

    Do you want me to email to you?

    Couldn’t figure out a way to send through the blog.

    Thanks for the pic! – Red

  2. Yes, we need pics of this! Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

    Your wish is my command. – Red

  3. Is it me or are your boobs getting smaller?

    I wish! – Red

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