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Pucker Factor

A few weeks ago my company had its annual meeting of all the Project Managers and Executives.

Word quickly traveled down the grapevine that my blog was mentioned in the meeting.  I was surprised to say the least and believe my pucker factor was at the nth degree.  My co-workers read this blog and I have been informed that some of the execs read too after a certain someone decided to throw me under the bus.  Something about my cool factor elevating their own?  Hahahaha.  Someone thinks I’m cool. 

All is cool with that though because I have nothing to hide.

I was a bit surprised when this PM said when they have their weekly meetings in her office they pull up my blog to catch up on the goings on of our office.  Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I’ve only mentioned work a few times and it’s not very informative.  I’m not worried about my content but I am worried what might have been thought by the others.

I considered closing the blog down at that point but obviously I didn’t.  That all blew over or rather I calmed down about it.

I was reminded of it today when I was cleaning an organizing my work emails and came across this cartoon that was sent to me.



One comment on “Pucker Factor

  1. My blog has been used against me in complaints sent to the theater. I’m on the board of directors and I have been clubbed with my own words on more than one occasion.

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