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Not your typical conversation

Ra just called me and often times when we are on the phone she is talking to the boys at the same time.  She is a stay-at-home Mom and the boys definitely keep her busy.

Today when she called she was trying to get them ready so they can go grocery shopping.  Getting the boys dressed and ready can be quite a feat.  On top of that her oldest has a skin condition that requires constant moisturizing.  So that is one more thing she has to do while fighting to just get them dressed.

With all that going on this is what I heard when she called me. (Note: in blue is what she was saying to the boys):

“Hi. How are you?  We haven’t seen you in a while”

     “Take your clothes off”

“Are you going to stop by this weekend?”

     “Get on the bed!”

“We haven’t seen you in a while.”

     “No we aren’t going to use the Vaseline this time.”

At this point I’m laughing so hard that co-workers are staring at me.

She had to go but said she will call back soon.  There is no way that call will be as interesting as the first but this sure made my day.


One comment on “Not your typical conversation

  1. Ah, context is often a harsh mistress.

    Very well put. – Red

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