Are you IN or are you OUT?

Are you IN or are you OUT?

You are IN if you know the, long, awaited, season 4 premier of Project Runway is tonight! At 10PM on Bravo.


I’m just too excited about this.  What a great week! Project Runway on Wednesday, a Happy Hour on Friday and the Oyster Riot on Saturday.

Project Runway is bringing back the same crew, which consists of Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Ninia Garcia and Michael Kors.  I probably wouldn’t watch if Heidi and Tim were missing from this crew.  Evidently, they are changing some things in the challenges and word is there will be a different feel to the show. 

For all things Project Runway check out The Blog.

Now I’m no fashionista, which is clearly seen when my pick every week is the complete opposite of the panels, but I love to see the Designers imaginations at work.  It amazes me to watch people who can see their creation and bring it to fruition.  I would have to say my favorite part of this show has to be how cutthroat they all get and the cat fights that ensue.

So know you have the scoop on this popular show and you too can be IN.

3 comments on “Are you IN or are you OUT?

  1. I am so in…though no one will ever live up to my Daniel V…

    Oh Yeah! He looks like Paolo Nutini. – Red

  2. Happy Hour? Where…. Shortie and I are going to be at Dane Cook in the District. Maybe I can swing her past…..

    I told Shortie about it and she said she was too busy with Dane. The HH is for Google Boy who is moving to Denver. – Red

  3. Been awhile since I visted. Love your new place. As soon as school starts slowing down I will be able to visit more often. Take Care!!!

    I hear ya on that one. Glad to hear from you. – Red

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