Bear with me…

As I move myself over here. 

I finally bit the bullet and got me a URL.  You know… to join the in crowd.

Word-press is a different animal and this will take some getting used to as I design myself. 


5 comments on “Bear with me…

  1. Welcome!!! You’ll soon see the advantages to having your own domain.

    You, my Man, are the first one to leave a comment here! – Red

  2. Woot! Technorati hath led me here. Good stuff!

    Stay tuned more is coming. – Red

  3. I like your new layout. It’s also easier on the eyes 🙂

    I agree. I like the gray. I’m expecting to be making changes down the road though. – Red

  4. I’ve updated my blogroll with your new address.

    Thanks Dude! – Red

  5. The new digs look good! Maybe I’ll try to drag myself out of my funk and start posting again. 😛

    Also updating my blogroll.

    Yeah we are in need of some Texpundit postings. Get on that will ya. – Red

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